17 Jun High Cotton Crapemyrtle

Did you know High Cotton™ Crapemyrtle is a Worthington Farms’ selection?  Selected from our growing fields, Lagerstroemia x fauriei ‘Worthington’s Upright’, commonly known as High Cotton™
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05 Mar B & B Stockyard

We pride ourselves on being a valued supplier all year. Our balled and burlapped (B&B) stockyard maintains a supply of field-grown trees, "predug" for summer sales. We dig trees during ideal harvest conditions in order to have them available when successful digging is more difficult. This...

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26 Feb So When Is The Best Time To Plant Crapemyrtles?

The best time for planting trees and shrubs is usually during the dormant season, in the fall after leaf drop. Some trees are considered fall digging hazards and need to be planted later in the winter. However, crapemyrtles are the exception to many standard practices....

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